Provision for Security Services for Vision Investment Limited.

Corporate Information

Vision Investments Limited is a large and diversified public company listed on the SPX. The institutional shareholders in the Company with significant holdings include -the Fiji National Provident Fund (18%), Unit Trust of Fiji (4%), BSP Life (Affiliate of the BSP Banking Group) (7%) and International Finance Corporation (Affiliate of the World Bank) (3%).

In 2019 the Company celebrated its 100th year anniversary of trading in Fiji and the Pacific. The strong trading roots in Fiji dates back to 1920, when in 2004 Vision Investments Limited (then known as “Courts (Fiji) Limited”), acquired Burns Philip Homecentres which commenced trading in Fiji and the Pacific Islands back in 1920.

Vision Investment Limited is inviting interested vendors for the provision of security services to its following locations;

Specification of Contract

1. Locations to be covered:

Security Services are to be performed at the following Vision Investment Limited locations:

  1. VIL Head Office, Challenge Plaza, LBE.
  2. Courts Mega/Distribution Centre, Samabula.
  3. Whitegoods Warehouse, corner of Kawa & Baka Street, LBE.
  4. Furniture Warehouse, Baka Street, LBE.
  5. Sportsworld Carpark, Waimanu Road, Suva.
  6. Mahogany Industries Factory, Ackland Street, Vatuwaqa.
  7. Vision Motors Showroom, Kharsanji Street, Vatuwaqa.
  8. Vision Motors Showroom, Grantham Road, Raiwaqa, Suva
  9. Courts Mega Namaka, Votualevu, Nadi.
  10. Mahogany Industries Factory, Navutu Industrial Estate, Lautoka.
  11. Any other location requested from time to time on a need basis.
Property/Premises Start/Finish Time No. of guards needed

Specific Duties

VIL Head Office, 2nd Floor Challenge Plaza, Ratu Dovi Road, Laucala Beach, Suva. 24 hours Three (3)

  • 7am – 3pm
  • 3pm – 11pm
  • 11pm – 7am
As stated in 3 above.
Courts Mega/Distribution Centre, Samabula. 7pm – 7am Two (2)

  • 1 to manage the roof top car park.
  • 1 to manage front of the building
 As stated in 3 above.
Whitegoods Warehouse, Laucala Beach.  7pm – 7am  One (1) As stated in 3 above.
Furniture Warehouse, Laucala Beach.  7pm – 7am  One (1) As stated in 3 above.
Sportsworld Waimanu Road Carpark.  9:30am – 5pm  One (1) As stated in 3 above.
MIF Factory, Vatuwaqa.  7pm – 7am  One (1) As stated in 3 above.
Vision Motors Showroom, Kharsanji Street, Vatuwaqa.  7pm – 7am  One (1) As stated in 3 above.
Vision Motors Showroom, Grantham Road, Raiwaqa  7pm – 7am  One (1) As stated in 3 above.
Courts Mega, Namaka  7pm – 7am  Two (2)

  • 1 to manage the front of the building.
  • 1 to manage the back of the building.
As stated in 3 above.
MIF Main Factory, Navutu Industrial Sub-Division, Lautoka.  24 hours Three (3)

  • 7am – 3pm
  • 3pm – 11pm
  • 11pm – 7am
As stated in 3 above.


  1. Additional VIL sites may be added at any point in time, hence additional guards will be required. The security company must be in a position to supply additional guards on an as and when required basis. Similarly, some of the above listed VIL sites may be removed, on an as and when required basis.
  2. Bidders must adhere to the Ministry of Defense, National Security & Policing Security Industry Act (2010), which regulates the private security industry in Fiji including those who install, maintaining, selling, repairing or servicing by physical or electronic means any security equipment. Security Industry Act 2020, Part 3 Section 13,1 (a) refers – “No person may employ or provide other persons to carry on any security activity unless that person is a holder of a Master License”…“Any persons who contravenes subsection (1) commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction. If a corporate, to a fine of not exceeding $10,000.00, and for an individual to a fine of not exceeding $5,000.00 or imprisonment for up to 2 years or both…”
  3. Bidders must provide security round scanners or similar monitoring system on All the sites, with a detailed scanning report submitted to the Manager Loss Prevention via email address
  4. In the event there are notable missed scanning by the presiding security officer at any official shift, deduction will be made through the monthly bill at VIL’s discretion.
  5. On a monthly basis, security officers job sheet on each site are to be directed to the attention of the Manager Loss Prevention for verification prior to the endorsement of the monthly invoice for payment.

 2. Tender Clarifications – All clarifications in regards to this tender are to be directed to the Manager Loss Prevention, Vision Investment Limited via telephone (+679) 9990 556/8937 523 or email:

3. Security Guards area of responsibilities:

  1. Control, manage, guide and assist visitors/customers to all designated site.
  2. Carry out foot patrol during normal and after hours, weekends and public holidays.
  3. Examine all VIL properties that includes but not limited to doors, windows, gates, vehicles parked on site and containers carrying stocks on a regular basis to ensure they are properly locked and secured.
  4. Ensure that the company assets including boundary fence have not been tampered with.
  5. Watch for and report on any irregularities such as fire hazards, open windows and doors, leaking pipes, sign of any tampering of items, security lights or suspicious movement in and outside the property.
  6. Call VIL Location Managers, Police, Fire Brigades and/or Patrol team as and when considered necessary for any breach or security matters needing their attention.
  7. Open gates and allow entry to authorized vehicles and record all necessary vehicle and driver identification details.
  8. Record full names of all visitors on the “Visitor Log Sheet”
  9. Prepare detailed report for any incident occurring during their shift within 24 hours, and submit to VIL through the Manager Loss Prevention via email
  10. Will not have friends, guests, relatives or residents congregate around their designated work area or guarded site.
  11. Guards during night shift must ensure that all entry/exit points are locked and well secured.
  12. Will take note and record all vehicles leaving and entering each location.
  13. Will record All parked VIL vehicles leaving the site after hours.
  14. Will log names of All people entering the site (VIL personnel & non-VIL personnel) and vehicle registration number during weekends and after official working hours.

4. Legal Liability: In the event any of the VIL guarded sites or vehicles are subjected to break in/burglary, or VIL owned items are missing or reported stolen under security’s watch, the security company or agency will have to bear the costs of damages or loss if the investigations reveals the incident is the result of direct negligence of the security guards.

5. The Security Company/Agency’s Obligations

  1.  Provide the services promptly and punctually and ensure Security Guards carry out the services in an efficient and professional manner.
  2. Comply with all the industry standards, rules and regulations applicable in the provision of the services.
  3. Ensure that its staff and security guards comply with all of VIL’s security and work place procedures.
  4. Comply with all lawful requirements affecting the conduct of its business and the provision of the services.
  5. Ensure that Security Guards are courteous in dealing with VIL staff and its customers.
  6. Ensure that Security Guards do not act or engage in such things which will or might adversely affect the assets or the business of VIL.
  7. Conduct its business in a manner that will benefit the reputation of both VIL and Security Company.
  8. Provide its Security Guards at its own expense the necessary uniforms and other equipment required for the effective discharge of the services.
  9. Ensure the Security Guards maintain proper discipline and they do not in any manner, cause any interference, annoyance or nuisance to VIL’s management, staff, customers and/or to VIL’s business.
  10. Ensure all security guards are provided a standard operating procedure (SOP) which will contain relevant duties in effect to their sectors.
  11. The security company must provide all items and equipment’s such as flashlights, batons, safety shoes, rain coats etc which is necessary for the guards to execute their duties even on adverse weather condition.

6. Scheduled Meetings  –  The successful bidder will attend meetings held every 3 months with VIL to address any security concerns or questions. Emergency meetings can also be called by VIL when deemed necessary in  light of any security breach

7. Communications System – The Bidder may institute a system whereby security personnel can communicate with supervisor and/or  VIL’s authorised officer during shifts.  The successful bidder is to provide mobile cellular phone or radio telephone communication at VIL’s premises but this shall be implemented at the sole discretion of  VIL where it is commercially prudent in nature.  It shall be made available to the guards during their shifts in case of emergency situations where guard may need to call security forces (fire authority/police).

8. Schedule – The successful bidder must ensure that all shifts are filled and completed. If a guard is unable to make it to work, the Bidder shall have a replacement guard that meets the provisions mentioned in this proposal.

9. Price Adjustment – Additional VIL sites and facilities may be added or deleted at any time throughout the life of contract agreement. The contractor shall be required to provide the service to any additional sites and facilities subject to all conditions identified. The contract sum shall be adjusted to reflect the changes in the number of sites and facilities serviced as service level varies.

10. Uniform & Appearance of Guard – Guard will wear clean, wrinkle-free, and professional security uniforms provided by their company/agency. Uniform should display proper security identification such as a badge or security logo. No guards will be allowed to wear sandals, or other recreational style sho Black shoes or boots will be preferred. Any changes to the above listed provisions shall be at the approval of the VIL prior to implementation.

11. Qualification & Experience of Guards – Security Guards must have at least minimum of one (1) year of experience as a security guard and who have reached a minimum of Year 12 Level of education. Police clearance for all guards must be provided and it will be verified during the tender evaluation. Guards must be literate and fluent in English, both written and spoken. The guards at these sites must be physically and medically fit.

12. The successful bidder will provide to VIL a list of names of personnel assigned to each location/premi If there is a change in staffing and new personnel is assigned,  the successful bidder shall notify VIL and provide the name of the employee within two (2) working shifts of that employee. VIL reserves the right to reject the employment of security guard personnel assigned to any  VIL premises/property.  VIL shall not unreasonably withhold approval.  Bidder should outline in detail any and all training personnel undergoes prior to being assigned to these sites.

 13. Identification – All Security Guards shall wear proper identification cards when at VIL premise Guards without proper identification will not be allowed into the premises. Badges must be available but will not be required to be worn when protective clothing and respiratory protection is required.

14. Identity of Bidder – The identity of the Bidder and the Contractor is fundamental to VIL. The bidder shall be the agency/company, corporation or corporations named as the bidder and whose execution appears in the Proposal Form. If the bidder is acting as agent or trustee for or jointly with another person, persons, corporation or corporations, this shall be fully disclosed by the bidder in the Proposal. If the bidder fails to fully disclose the identity of all participants and the nature of its relationship to those participants, the Proposal shall be considered null and void at the discretion of VIL. No claims by undisclosed participants will be recognised by VIL in the contract. Upon acceptance of the contract, the successful bidder shall become the Contractor.

15. Ownership of Proposals Responses – All documents, materials, articles and information submitted by the bidder as part of or in support of the proposal shall become upon submission the absolute property of VIL and will not be returned to the bidder at the conclusion of the tender evaluation process, provided that the bidder shall be entitled to retain copyright and other intellectual property rights therein, unless otherwise provided in the contract.

16. Evaluation of Bidder’s Capacity – Bidders that cannot demonstrate sufficient capacity to fulfill the contract will not be considered as a contractor. VIL reserves the right to inspect the premises/facilities of any bidder for the purposes of determining its ability to fulfill the contract.

17. Supporting Information to be Supplied with Proposal – In addition to any other information requested to be supplied with the Proposal, the bidder shall also provide in the proposal the following listed information:

General Company Information

  • Name, Address, Company No. and Business No
  • Business License
  • Business Registration
  • Business ownership
  • Orgnisational size and structure
  • Business profile
  • FRCS, FNPF, FNU compliance letters
  • Insurance cover
  • Financial stability
  • Quality policy and Quality assurance system
  • Current commitments, workload and delivery
  • Company experience
  • Safety record
  • References (5 companies)

18. Fees – The bidders shall bill for hourly rates for each identified site. Any extra costs for the add on sites shall be itemized in a likely manner. The fees shall be invoiced within 5 days of following month and shall be payable within thirty (30) days from the date of invoi

19. VIL Contact Person – VIL’s contact person for all the premises will be the Manager Loss Prevention. Each site will have the Retail Managers to sign off. The listing of these personnel will be provided to  the successful contractor.

20. Term of Contract – the term of contract is for three (3) years. The contractor will be notified 30 days prior to the expiry of the contract. If the contract is extended, the terms, conditions, method of payment shall remain same unless amended by both parties. VIL also reserves the right to terminate contract if the service provided is not satisfactory.

21. Environment & Safety Issues – The successful bidder is to observe all safety precautions throughout the contract term. Lack of knowledge of the guards shall be no way be a cause for relief from the responsibility or defense against the legal effects.

22. Tobacco/Alcohol/Drug Free Environment  –  VIL maintains a tobacco,  alcohol,  drug free environment.

23. Offensive language or actions are not acceptable. VIL shall have the absolute right to require replacement of any guard, VIL deems objectionable to work on VIL premises.

24. All the guards of the selected contractor will undergo Contractors Site Induction conducted by VIL and any new staff will report to  VIL’s assigned staff for the  Induction prior to commencement of duty.

25. Payment Schedule – Bidders are requested to submit their pricing based on the new minimum wage order that came into effect from the 1st of April, 2022 at $3.01, which increases every quarter until 1st of January, 2023 where it reaches $4.00. VIP price submitted must be based on the final $4.00 minimum hourly rate as no quarterly price increase will be awarded to bidders that submit their offer at a lower rate.

Bidder shall quote prices on firm basis inclusive of all fixed costs and variable costs.

Prices submitted must be valid for a period of 6 months from the date of submission.

26. Proposal Submissions will be assessed in accordance with following criteria and weighting factors:

1. Experience of Bidder

  • Qualifications and experience of security guards
  • Reference from past and present clients
  • Clean (Criminal Records)
  • Compliance (FNU, FRCS, FNPF)
  • Master License
2. Content of Proposal

  • Compliance with the Work Scope
  • Understanding of the services required
  • Quality system/assurance
  • Technical support
3. Price

  • The price to supply the service in accordance with the proposal work scope
4. Health & Safety Working Procedures 10%
5 Other additional features & benefits 10%
Total 100%


The   Bidders   must   ensure   that   the   details   and   documentation   mention   below   must be submitted as part of their tender Bid

Tender Number                                   

Tender Name                                                                                                                                   

  1. Full Company / Business Name:                                                                                             (Attach copy of Registration Certificate)
  2. Director/Owner(s):                                                                                                                     
  3. Postal Address:                                                                                                                          
  4. Phone Contact:                                                                                                                          
  5. Fax Number:                                                                                                                               
  6. Email address:                                                                                                                           
  7. Office Location:                                                                                                                          
  8. TIN Number:                                                                                                                               (Attach copy of the VAT/TIN Registration Certificate – Local Bidders Only (Mandatory)
  9. FNPF Employer Registration Number:                                                                               (For Local Bidders only) ( Mandatory)
  10. Provide a copy of Valid FNPF Compliance Certificate ( Mandatory- Local Bidders only)
  11. Provide a copy of Valid FRCS (Tax) Compliance Certificate ( Mandatory Local Bidders only)
  12. Provide a copy of Valid FNU Compliance Certificate ( Mandatory Local Bidders only)
  13. Detailed company profile
  14. Contact Person:

I declare that all the above information is correct.



Signature:                                      Date:                                    

Tender submission

This tender closes at 4.00pm (1600hrs) on 07/10/2022.

For further information or clarification please contact the Manager Loss Prevention, Vision Investment Limited on mobile # 9990 556, direct line 8937 523  or email

The bidders must ensure that their bid is inclusive of all Taxes payable under Fiji Income Tax Act. Bidders are to clearly state the percentage of VAT that is applicable to the bid prices.

The lowest bid will not necessarily be accepted as the successful bid.

The Tender Bids particularly the “Price” must be typed and not hand written.

Any request for the extension of the closing date must be addressed to VIL in writing three (3) working days prior to the tender closing date.