Become a Whistle-blower


Some of the Vision Investment’s core values are Honesty, Accountability and Integrity. With this being part of our corporate values, the Group is committed to high standards of ethical, social and professional business conduct.

In order to achieve this, the Group has in place a Whistle Blower Policy. (click here to view the Whistle Blower Policy)

“Whistleblowing is a procedure developed to give opportunity to employees and others to raise concerns of any seemingly inappropriate situations or circumstances within the Group”.

The circumstances include (but is not limited to)

  1. Fraud, theft or misappropriation
  2. Financial Irregularities
  3. Misuse of Company property or cash
  4. Abuse of Official position for personal gain.
  5. Inappropriate behaviour and conduct of employees
  6. Leakage of Company confidential information
  7. Breach of Company Policies
  8. Illegal Acts
  9. Bribery (receiving and giving)/ Soliciting of gift for personal gain

Please complete the Form below, if you want to report any of the above circumstances. Please be assured that the Group will take all necessary steps to ensure confidentiality of information given.

A person that provide specific and credible information or documents on any of the above circumstances and which leads to a successful investigation outcome will be handsomely rewarded.