Vision Beverages mission is to provide a beverage ‘One Stop Shop’ for all of Fiji. As a group, we are passionate about driving the quality of every Beverage Occaision Up, and, where possible, emphasising Fijian products and ingredients

The Business is underpinned by the following 5 pillars,

  1. For the Fiji Hospitality sector to grow, we must nurture the bartending community
  2. We treat all our products with the utmost respect; ensuring they arrive in the hands of the end user in the same condition they left our producers. This is costly, but worth it.
  3. We stand behind all our products 100%. We insist on training your team in our products to deliver the best possible experience to the consumer.
  4. Deliver value for money at all price points in every category.
  5. Only employ people that share this passion.

We take immense pride in seeing our products ‘At Work’ Being enjoyed by Fijians and our Guests.

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