Vision Investments Limited (VIL) is a public listed company and amongst the first three largest companies on the Fiji Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately USD210m. VIL has diversified business operations including Retail, Automotive, Industrial, Renewables, Manufacturing and Finance. Key institutional shareholders in VIL include International Finance Corporation (Affiliate of the World Bank), Fiji National Provident Fund (The state pension fund), BSP Life (large insurance company) and state and private Unit Trusts. Founder shareholders of VIL who hold a significant shareholding in the Company comprise of Jack of Fiji Group, RC Manubhai Group, Challenge Engineering Group and Candle Investments Group, which are large diversified businesses with strong connections to the business community in Fiji. These shareholders have large business interests and connections to commerce, which VIL is in a position to leverage to canvass and promote business.

The Company commenced trading in 1971 and since then has become a trusted and household name in Fiji and the Region. The trading history goes back to nearly a century, when in 2004 the Company acquired Burns Philip Group which had been trading in Fiji and the Pacific since 1920. The Company was the first to commence consumer finance in Fiji which enabled countless families to elevate their living standards, which built strong, emotional and generational connections to the community. In 2017 the Company expanded its retail operations into PNG under the name Home&More.

The trading operations of the Company comprise Courts Division which deals with retail consumer sales and Best Buys for Business Division, which deals with corporate sales.

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